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eveloped into one of 〓the most famous foods in Tianjin. The street snack was first consumed du〓ring the reign of EQ

mperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) when Li〓u Wanchun pushed a wheelbarrow and peddled the food from street to street〓. He later rented a room in the EG

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rduoyan hutong, a narrow alley. It's thu〓s widely known as the Erduoyan fried cake. Jianbing, or fried crepe topp〓ed with egg and garnism

h, is a Chinese snack that has seen international f〓ame in the US recently. New York-born Brian Goldberg opened his "Mr. Bing〓" kiosk out of his personal fondnM

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